Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Opposition group, led by President's estranged friend, threatens to block October elections in Cote d'Ivoire

Former Prime Minister Charles Konan Banny, who says he was a friend to President Ouattara for over 30 years, isn't feeling so friendly anymore.

Banny is not happy that the former ruling party (PDCI) is joining with the president's party (RDR) to support Ouattara's re-election. Banny is joining with other opposition members (including PDCI dissidents and FPI hardliners) in the National Coalition for Change (CNC) to complain about the insecurity and the electoral commission. The CNC says that insecurity in some parts of Cote d'Ivoire will hampber voting in the October elections, and that the electoral commission's voting registry is biased in favor of the government. The CNC threatens to block elections unless the government meets to address their concerns.

Some of those concerns may be sincere, but many suspect that their are some self-interested motivations as well (which would be shocking). "Some see the CNC's move as an effort by its members to win political prominence ahead of October's election, and possibly cabinet places after the vote.Jeune Afrique notes that at age 72, this election may be Banny's last chance to run for the country's top office.

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