Wednesday, January 13, 2016

You think the Republicans have a lot of candidates?

You know how the longer you wait to do something, the bigger the job becomes, and so you keep delaying, and then the job gets even bigger? Know what I'm talking about? If not, you're not a procrastinator.

My point is - I've been meaning since Thanksgiving to do a big catch-up post for all 16 ECOWAS countries, and every day I've delayed, something has happened in each of those countries. So I give up. Let's just talk about Benin's upcoming election.

Last summer I mentioned there was a Beninois candidate for every card in the deck. Now there are just 48 - four of them didn't do their paperwork right or something. But 48 is still a record! Imagine what that debate stage will look like!

Lionel Zinsou, who has been prime minister for around 6 months, is President Yayi Boni's chosen successor and is considered the frontrunner. Until he was appointed prime minister, Zinsou didn't have a lot of experience in politics - his background is in economics and banking. But that isn't unusual in Benin - Yayi Boni and Nicephore Soglo were both economists and bankers before they became president.

The election is February 28.

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